For the love of shoes…

Shoes. Even the word sounds good, from the long ‘sh’ to the wonderous ‘ooh’. Buying shoes touches something deep in our collective hearts. For some, shoe shopping is all about the allure of the Christian Louboutin high heel, for others the multi-coloured practicality of a Doc Marten boot. But, whatever your tastes, we all feel better once we have treated ourselves to a new pair of shoes. Picture the scene. You are walking along the street when a gorgeous pair of shoes catches your eye. You enter the shop, and the music playing is designed to make you want to strut your stuff. You try on the shoes, turning your foot delicately in front of the mirror to admire all angles (angles that we would never stand in when we actually buy the shoes!). They are perfection. Never has footwear so fully summed up your personality. You buy them, and because this is a special shoe fantasy, they are on sale. Perfection.

High HeelsIt can sometimes take a while to hunt down the correct pair. Shops are flooded with different colours and designs, making choosing the perfect pair difficult. Luckily, there is always the option of buying more than one pair.

While often associated with women, a love of shoes is a manly pursuit as well. Handmade leather brogues have been on a man’s fashion wish-list for several decades, while both sexes appreciate the mixture of comfort and style found in a high-end running shoe. Men appreciate that their sense of fashion tells people a lot about them, and will consciously choose a pair of shoes that display their personal dependability or creative flair, depending on the situation.

The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Imagine if a pop diva such as Beyoncé sashayed on stage in a glitzy mini-dress and clumpy shoes. Or Usain Bolt tried to sprint the 100 metres in a pair of stilettos? Ok, so that last example is just plain dangerous, but without the right shoes, even the best outfit can look horribly wrong. Shoes are so important to getting your look right that often all the other accessories are chosen to match the shoes.

Shoes can build confidence, making you literally ‘walk taller’. They can give you the impetus to run a marathon or conquer a job interview, seduce a crush or close a business deal. Whether smart or casual, there is a great variety of shoes for every occasion, and nearly everyone owns several pairs in differing styles. A beautiful pair of shoes is a gift to yourself wherever and whenever, at any age. With fabulous new designs being created all the time, our love affair with shoes isn’t likely to end anytime soon.