Which are the Best Weightlifting Shoes?

Having the right weight lifting shoes will help you to lift more, perfect your stance and increase your stability. Buying the best lifting shoes for the type of weight lifting you do is particularly important, so before buying weightlifting shoes, you need to first identify the type of weight lifting you will be doing, whether it is the route of olympic weightlifting styles or powerlifting with squats and deadlifts.

Choosing the Best Weightlifting Shoes

Olympic weightlifting shoes are more suited to the style of weightlifting that you will be doing like the snatch and the clean and jerk movement – both overhead movements. If you are buying olympic weightlifting shoes, you need to look for a pair that are stable with a solid slightly raised heel (half or one and a half inches – depending upon your height and your mobility) and flexible toe. The raised heel helps with your lifting stance by encouraging the torso to be upright and allowing for a deeper squat through increased ankle range motion. If you have the option for a strap across the instep, this is ideal to keep the foot securely in place.

If you have been using running shoes instead of proper weightlifting shoes, you will feel a huge difference and even the potential to lift more. So far the running shoes – because of their cushioning, will have been absorbing some of the force you put into your weight lifting instead of allowing you to use that force to push upwards. Barefoot or minimalist running shoes are a step in the right direction, but still not recommended as they don’t give you the kind of stability you need around your foot.


Adidas Adipower, Unisex Adults Multisport Indoor Shoes
The Adidas Adipowers have a high heel raise with a three quarter inch heel drop which allows you to go deeper with your lifts. These are also ideal if you are a squatter and with their flexibility. The wide flat sole helps to distribute weight evenly helping with stability when you lift.


Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes

Nike Romaleos are pretty pricey but if you lift competitively these are ideal. Flexible with contoured TPU heels made specifically to provide excellent force transfer. Two insoles available for competitions or training. Wide heels give allow for even distribution of weight and give good stability.


VS Athletic Weightlifting Shoes

VS Athletic is ideal if you are looking for something entry level. They have a heel height of around 1 inch and does to some extent allow for power transfer whilst lifting, although it isn’t as wide as some would prefer.


Inov-8 Fastlift 335 Weightlifting Shoes

Inov-8 FastLift 335 are stable owing to the cylindrical tubes within the heel wedge, as well as flexible, and they aren’t as pricey as some of the others on the market making it a great deal. The heel drop is around 0.75 inches which helps with ankle mobility and stance, whilst the reinforced TPU sole helps with grip making it an ideal all rounder.