Fashionable Knee High Boots

Say seventies, think knee high boots. Yes the seventies are back and they have brought their super cool knee boot style with them.

Bring on the knee high boots with the chunky buckles and don’t be afraid to wear the buckles from top of the boots to the bottom, you won’t be judged. Chunky soles on your knee boots, flat sturdy soles or low wedge heels are all fashionable knee boot styles to consider this coming autumn. Wear your knee high boots with shift dresses, short and pretty and still look the ultimate in feminine and super cool.

Over the Knee Boots

Go all out with seventies inspired knee high boots this season and embrace the over the knee style. Over the knee boots look great with a pointy skinny heel and leather lace up tops if you are feeling daring. Match your over the knee boots with long winter coats as the autumn turns to winter.

Winter Knee High Boots

Tall knee boots in brown leather are a classic design – look out for some of our favourites
with almond shaped toe curves. Choose a relaxed fit boot for maximum comfort or one of the wide calf boots styles. A low chunky boot heel equips you for those cold days to keep you steady in snow and on ice. Pair your winter knee boots nicely with warm autumnal colours and thick woollen coats.

Evening Knee Boots

Classy knee high boots in deep reds are smoking hot for a classy upscale feel that will add richness to your wardrobe. Crafted from leather with long stretch details up the side of the boot to the top of the cuff make them elegant and elongate the look of the leg. Just what we all want the knee high boot to do.