Men’s Latest Shoe Fashions

Men’s shoes vary fashionably throughout the year, however, this year mens fashion magazine GQ warns against buying the same old lace-up boots again and instead advises the fashion conscious man to look for some new shoe inspiration.

Which Essential Men’s Shoes Should I Have in My Wardrobe?

1. The chunky brogue is the new Oxford shoe with its thick sole and hand sewn leather stitching. We would definitely recommend Oxfords in both brown and black as part of your shoe wardrobe.

2. Instead of the white men’s running shoe, a transition to a darker suede shoe has become more fashionable. This season look out for some warm and stylish fall shades.

3. Penny loafers have taken the place of suede driving shoes. Darker colours are also in vogue and on the market. Whilst going for the casual look dust off the preppy loafers you have stashed in the back of your wardrobe as they are certainly on their way back.

4. If you feel like a return to your early twenties, then now is the time for you. Look out the shiny leather zip up ankle boots, find a shelf for the suedes and be part of the re-emergence. Pair these shoes with a pair of skinny jeans to finish off the look.

5. Go classic with your casual running shoes but stay in keeping with the warm autumn colours out there. Keep the whites for summer and be bold with warm blues, mustards and greens.

6. The Chelsea boot, which never goes out of style is a great “need-to-have” for any man’s wardrobe. These come in different heights, but we are loving the style of the shorter boots seen this season.

7. Lace-up winter boot looks include leather, suede, wool and sheepskin this year. Laces are making their way as high as the shin bone and heels and ankles are comfortable and angled.

If finances and space permit, we would recommend a man should have at least eight pairs of shoes in their wardrobe. Black and brown oxfords, a pair of penny loafers, a driving moccasin, two pairs of sneakers-one white or black and one a coloured suede, a pair of dress boots or a pair of Chelsea boots.

What Should I Pair My Shoes With?

Jeans pair nicely with boots, sneakers and moccasins. A sporty, preppy look calls for a fun spirited penny loafer and the dark suits match the darker dress shoes. Many looks are classic and stay in style for several years, so it is wise to spend a little more on good quality leather shoes. Relaxed and casual looks are in, along with the straight and well tailored suits. Knee length overcoats and straight legged pants are big sellers and there is almost a return of the “mod” look of the 1960s as far as the clothes and haircuts are concerned.