Powerlifting Shoes

Powerlifting shoes are more suited to the squat, bench press and deadlift movements as opposed to those of the weightlifting movements which are overhead. This means that although there are similarities between the types of shoes you need, there are also subtle differences.

Squat Shoes

When buying squat shoes, like with weightlifting shoes, you need to make sure you buy shoes that won’t absorb your power, but that will also provide support in the areas it is needed. You can get away with using olympic weightlifting shoes for squats, but if you are focusing on more than just squats, for example, deadlifts and bench press, then you may want to invest in a proper pair of powerlifting shoes.

Powerlifting shoes should support the foot and have soles that will not compress under weight or that will not compress as you advance in the amount you can lift. Avoid shoes that will compress under heavy lifting. A metatarsal strap that helps to increase the stability of the foot and prevent pronation or supination and a reinforced arch.

The Adidas Adipower, Unisex Adults Multisport Indoor Shoes and the Pendlay Do-Win for men or women are great weightlifting shoes for those who want to nail those squats. The Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes ‘Gong Lu II’ (Power) shoes offer great mobility for squats and will allow you to get in deeper to your squats whilst perfecting your stance.

Deadlift Shoes

If it wasn’t so dangerous and slippery barefoot would be ideal for deadlifts, however, barefoot is not allowed in competing and certainly not the safest way to do deadlifts. Deadlift slippers are as simple as a sock, however they do have a rubbery grip on the bottom and some protection for the foot. Depending on the way you lift, for example if you are a sumo puller, you may need something with a little more grip.

provide a rubbery surface for grip and some protection for the foot. For more support, wrestling boots provide strength with a minimal sole and ankle protection. Some people do recommend Chuck Taylor’s, however, it is important to remember that these shoes do still have a very slight lift to them.