Slipper Buying Guide

Comfort and warmth are just as important as style when it comes to choosing a pair of slippers. You need to look for slippers that are well made, light in weight and have a comfortable fit.

When wearing slippers it is important for your feet to breathe, so you should be looking for a pair with insoles that are not going to result in sweaty feet. The best quality slippers have a natural sheepskin lining or a soft leather insole.

Just like your outdoor shoes, slippers must be the right fit for your feet, or they will not be comfortable to wear. Mules and slippers in the style of ballet-shoe are more suitable for feet that are narrow to medium width. An open-toe style of mule will provide a little more space for a medium to wide foot. Look for moccasins and boot style slippers if you have wider feet.

Remember that the soles of your slippers will need to be durable, particularly if you intend to wear them outside. If you think you will be crossing the threshold to go into the garden or the garage when wearing slippers, look out for a pair with added grips or sturdy soles.

Slipper socks also need to have grips or a rubber sole, so they will be safe to wear when walking on smooth indoor floor surfaces.

Warm Winter Slippers

The best way to look your best when wearing indoor clothing, and at any time when you are dressed in your nightwear, is to make sure that your appearance is enhanced by a good pair of slippers. By matching your slippers to what you are wearing, you can look more elegant, stylish and cool.

If you like to wear only a short robe indoors, or something light and flimsy, give slippersyourself a cool look by putting on a pair of cosy mules or some lightweight cloth slippers.

When dressed in your cosiest indoor outfit, combine a pair of natural sheepskin slippers or slipper boots keeping you looking cool and your feet nice and warm.

You will appear more elegantly dressed when wearing a classic dressing gown and/or a pair of traditional pyjamas, if you also wear a pair of quality calf leather slippers or some soft leather moccasins.

If you like to dress in casual clothes indoors, for instance you might like to wear an oversize tee-shirt, stay stylish by matching the colour of your clothing to your favourite slipper socks. By keeping a small collection of slipper socks in different patterns and colours, you will always have something to match what you want to wear indoors.

When you really want to look special in some smart indoor clothes, choose a pair of designer slippers or a glitzy fashion style. A pair of stylish slippers will always enhance your look when you are dressed for an evening in or whenever you are at home and care about your appearance.

Indoor footwear is no longer restricted to slippers that only the elderly and infirm would want to be seen in. You can choose slippers in a fashionable style or designer slippers that match your indoor wardrobe, so you will always look cool in your slippers.