Which are the Best Stud Boots?

Outdoor sports usually tend to need sports shoes that have support in the arches and heels of feet. Soccer and lacrosse both involve quick changes of directions and paces, but also the constant movement on the front of the feet more towards the toes.


How to Find the Right Pair of Stud Boots

To find the right pair of studs, the right arch and heel support plus the right design of the studs will help to enhance performance and prevent injury. Stud boots used in track and field have the studs on the toes to help gain speed quickly.

Soccer, lacrosse, and football have the studs all over the bottom of the stud boots allowing to enhance stability on uneven terrain. Turf shoes tend to still have spikes but are less extreme then cleats, meaning that they are smaller pegs but more covering the surface of the bottom of the shoe. These are mostly used on an artificial field, or turf field, where the ground is even and the artificial grass is smooth and easy to play on. Turf shoes tend to have more arch support, form fitting, and a flexible sole.

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