Choosing Wedding Shoes for the Big Day

Wedding shoes. Who would have thought something so small could have such a big impact on the day? So you think you are there with the rest of your wedding planning and all that is left is the final touches to your outfit for the big day. The wedding shoes can either make or break your day in more ways than one. You need to be able to walk confidently down the aisle with all eyes on you, stand for many hours and finish it all off by doing an elegant (and co-ordinated) first dance. With all of this going on, you will want something that is stylish and comfortable.

Heels are in fashion and white is of course the favoured colour. But let your judgment be your guide. If you are going with high heels, make sure they have non-slip taps for the toe and the tip of the heel. This will help prevent any unexpected slips and slides at awkward moments.

Having a second pair of shoes without the heels in a similar style to the shoes you’re going to wear as you stand up for the ceremony is always a good idea. You’ll be able to attend the reception and dance the night away.

Some brides often actually have three pairs of wedding shoes. One for the ceremony, another for the reception dinner, and the third for the dancing that comes after the dinner and the escape to the waiting limo for an exciting honeymoon.

One style of shoe no longer fits with today’s weddings and it all depends on the dreams you have for your wedding day.