Which Winter Slippers Should I Buy?

Now that slippers are available in some great styles, anyone can look cool wearing them. Whatever outfit you choose to wear for an evening indoors or a day at home, the right slippers can add a touch of luxury, glamour or just cosiness. There are many types of indoor footwear to choose from and it is a good idea to know what you need to look out for when buying slippers.

From styles that look like ballet pumps to those that resemble Ugg boots, there are many different slipper types. It should be easy to find a pair that will suit you and match your personal style.

Luxury Lightweight Winter Slippers

Slippers made from the finest calf leather or the softest suede come under the category of luxury slippers. Hand-finished leather slippers always look stylish and are the most elegant choice for indoor footwear. The advantage of having slippers made from soft leather is that they look good for many years and continue to be very comfortable.

Moccasin Slippers

Soft-soled moccasin-style slippers have become one of the most popular types of indoor shoe, although the moccasin was originally intended for outdoor use. Moccasin slippers are usually made from soft leather, real or faux suede and they have a warm lining made from real sheepskin or polar fleece.

Mule Slippers

A pair of mule slippers can be flat or have a raised heel. They are either open-toed or just open at the back and they are very comfortable because they fit snugly around the foot and usually have a firm sole. Mules can be plain, patterned, furry or fluffy and they are available in a wide variety of colours, materials and trims.

Pure Sheepskin Slippers

sheepskin slippersSheepskin provides a very natural look for a warm pair of slippers that feel sensational to wear. Pure sheepskin slippers are available in a variety of colours and a wide choice of styles. They may have grips added or a firm sole.

Slipper Socks with Grips

Slipper socks can be very colourful and are a lot of fun to wear. These are very thick knitted socks with a non-slip underside. There is a great variety in the colour and design of slipper socks. Some of them have crazy patterns or familiar images knitted into them.

Soft Stylish Boots

Boot-style slippers are designed to keep the feet and legs feeling ultra warm and cosy. They are always doubled-layered, with attractive suede, leather or fabric exteriors and beautifully soft linings made from warm sheepskin or fluffy fleece.

Travel Slippers

Travel slippers with their own pouch to store them are ideal for nights away from home. These are lightweight slippers which can be folded in two when they are not being worn.